Exhibition Private View
6pm – 14th April 2011
Bartlett School of Architecture Gallery
Wates House, 22 Gordon Street
London WC1H 0QB

Gramazio & Kohler

During Fabricate 2011 the Professorship Gramazio & Kohler Architecture and Digital Fabrication will investigate the integration of architectural design and feedback processes in robotic fabrication. The exhibition project will be robotically manufactured from a large number of geometrically differentiated elements where the visitors can perceive and experience an unsteady yet precise assembly in real scale, layer by layer. Using novel peripheral equipment for this, the project reaches a highly integrated digital design and fabrication method that would not have been possible by a manual assembly technique. Therefore, the exhibition project fosters on many levels a radically new approach towards the future of robotic manufacture in architecture.

On that scope, a new 6-axis robot placed on a caterpillar base will couple the possibility of mobile production and a high level of accuracy while integrating different material tolerances by using an innovative laser-scanning and assembly technique. In this view, the project for Fabricate 2011 provokes not only new issues on flexible building methods but also draws on developing cognitive scenarios as next logical step of robotic fabrication.

This approach will be tested for the first time at the Fabricate 2011.


Bartlett 2009_2010 [plan_section_elevation] – a series of 3D scans from the Bartlett Summer Show 2010



The Bartlett Summer Show is a collection of over a thousand models, installations, prototypes, drawings, photographs, films, sketches and designs presented across four large exhibition spaces in the Slade School of Art each summer. The show lasts for just seven days but represents the annual output of over 450 Bartlett students, thousands of hours of labour and thousands of pounds in materials.

In 2010, 48 hours of scanning produced 64 scans of the entire exhibition space. These have been compiled to form a complete 3D replica of the temporary show which has been distilled into a navigable animation and a series of ‘standard’ architectural drawings. What is such a three dimensional, sensual and temporary experience is abstracted into a series of precisely detailed snap shots in time. The work becomes a confused collage of hours of delicately created lines and forms set within a feature prefect representation of the exhibition space. Sometimes a model or image stands out as identifiable, more often a sketch merges into a model and an exhibition stand creating a blurred hybrid of designs and authors.
These drawings represent the closest record to an as built drawing set for the entire exhibition and an ‘as was’ representation of the Bartlett’s year.

ScanLAB is research group run by Matthew Shaw and William Trossell at the Bartlett School of Architecture. They explore the potential role of 3D scanning in Architecture, Design and Making.